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More Beautiful in Just Minutes

Find the best eye shadow shades, fragrances and lip colors to fill your pretty canvas.  Throw in your best smile and you're ready to go!

Look classy and elegant; feel beautiful within!  Being beautiful doesn't have to be costly.  Shop for great bargains at Beauty Magic.

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How to Make the Most Out of your Moisturizer

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2017-05-11 22:25:06

You have probably bought a moisturizer but don’t know how to apply it right. Applying moisturizer correctly can boost skin hydration, creates a protective moisture layer, and prevents dullness and flaking of the skin. Also, applying a...

How to Shop for Mother’s Day Gift Safely Online

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2017-05-05 01:24:17

Let’s face it, people shop for beauty products online because of the bargains and the myriad of selections available there. Online shopping is secure and deliveries are fast. The internet has made shopping more convenient and easier for...

MakeUp 101: Beginner Mistakes To Avoid

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2017-04-20 22:51:53

Makeup. It’s pretty, it’s intimidating, it’s fun, and it’s stressful, all at the same time. It’s definitely not uncommon to see beginners out there just picking up the first pretty bottle they could find. The rush, the thrill, and the...

MakeUp 101: Where To Begin

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2017-04-07 00:27:45

The pressure to start doing your own makeup is real. You want that youthful, beautiful glow that can only be accomplished with the right foundation, highlighters, and creams with brands you cannot pronounce. It can be quite...

The 3 Conventional Ways To Achieve Healthy Skin That We Must Not Forget

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2017-03-16 20:55:48

A healthy skin is something that most women would want to die for! In fact, this is one of the reasons why cosmetics and plastic surgeries are what’s in these days. Here at Beauty Magic , we will teach you some tips on how you can...

Womanhood: Overcoming The Pressure In 4 Ways

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2017-03-09 19:37:56

It is such a challenge to be a woman! The expectations are so high - with all the do’s and don’ts, act like this and think like that – it is just so mind-blowing! Being a woman is not easy, but they can travel a fulfilling journey. At...

Want to Have Radiant, Beautiful Skin? Here are the Secrets

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2017-02-17 00:15:15

Do you know at least one woman who has perfect skin ? If so, you may wonder what her beauty secret is. Did she have a surgery or use an expensive cream? Actually, her secret is quite simple. Her flawless skin is a result of her effort...

Eight Daily Makeup Ideas for this Year

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2017-02-09 23:37:54

Every woman loves makeup ; however, some women may feel that makeup does not love her. She blended the wrong mix of eyeshadows from the palette or put on the wrong color foundation. This can result in makeup problems quickly. However,...

Proven Tips On How To Un-rush Yourself During Holidays and Special Occasions

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2017-01-20 02:44:38

Though the Christmas holiday and the New Year’s Eve are already over, it is significant to bear in mind the hassles and frenzied time we had. People were rushing in the groceries, going in and out of the department stores, and attending one...

Lip Care 101: Health and Beauty Tips To Luscious Lips

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2017-01-13 01:46:42

It’s undeniable. Women would love to look gorgeous in elegant and fashionable dresses and beautifully made-up faces. Of course, the natural look will never go out of style but every now and then, we, women, would love to be beautified not...